QuietRock® 545

Key Benefits

  • 1-3/8” sound damped panel with added mass for low frequency attenuation

  • Highest performing sound reducing gypsum panel available, delivering maximum sound isolation across a broad frequency range for both high and low frequencies

  • High reliability—it cannot be easily short circuited like resilient channel. Continues to reduce noise even when fixtures are installed, such as shelves or cabinets

  • Ideal for high-end home theaters, studios, commercial theaters, mechanical rooms, and other situations where low frequency noise and vibration require sound isolation

  • Outperforms other sound attenuation methods, including multi-layered assemblies, resilient channel, and soundboard

  • Can achieve a 2 hour fire-rating with a single layer application in certain wall systems

Product Description : maximum sound control across a broad frequency range

QuietRock 545 is a multi-layer, specialty panel engineered to provide maximum sound control across a broad range of frequencies.  QuietRock 545 is ideal for commercial theaters, studios, performance spaces, and music rooms where low-frequency mitigation is critical. 

The panels are UL Certified for use on several fire-resistance rated assemblies and install and finish like other paper faced gypsum board but require a saw to cut.  Extra care must be taken due to its weight. 

Product Dimensions

QuietRock® 545 QR-545 1 3/8" 48" 8' Tapered 6.3 lbs/ft2

Technical Data

Composition Core: Multiple layers of gypsum panels, sheet of steel, and a cementitious panel laminated with a proprietary viscoelastic polymer glue. The gypsum panels are manufactured with naturally occurring gypsum and non-toxic (proprietary) additives.
Paper: 100% recycled paper on front, back and long edges of the gypsum panels.
Manufactured ASTM C1396

QuietRock System Installation Instructions (510, 530, 545)
GA-216 Application and Finishing of Panel Products

QuietRock 545 Installation Video

GA-214 Recommended Levels of Board Finish

ASTM C840 Standard Specification for Application and Finishing of Gypsum Board

Surface Burn


Class A
Flame Spread 15
Smoke Developed 0



Non-Combustible Gypsum Core

Fire Resistance and Sound Control

The PABCO® Sound Design Guide

Sound Design Tool

Underwriters Laboratories - UL Product iQ® CKNX R7094 for the latest UL Design Numbers

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