QuietGlue® Pro

Key Benefits

  • High performance, low-cost acoustical compound for DIY residential sound control or small commercial applications

  • Easy to use, does not require special training or tools

  • A great solution for increasing the sound control of existing walls, simply use as a layer between the existing drywall and an additional layer

  • Low VOC, water-based compound, solvent-free, <0.1g/L VOC

  • Lab tested in accordance with ASTM D3273 and E90

  • Ideal for use with any kind of wood or drywall

Product Description : reliable, affordable sound damping compound

Achieve sound control easily and cost effectively. QuietGlue Pro is a high performance, low-cost acoustical compound for do-it-yourself projects and small commercial applications.  Use QuietGlue Pro between layers of drywall, plywood or other construction panels to reduce the noise coming through walls, ceilings or floors.  It is often used to Quiet® bedrooms, media rooms, laundry rooms, home offices or other areas of the home where noise is an issue. 

Product Dimensions

Unit Size Application Thickness Coverage Weight
28oz Tube 1/4" - 3/8" bead thickness 2 tubes per standard length (8’-12’) panel (32-48 ft2) 3 lbs/tube

Technical Data

Installation QuietGlue® Pro Application Instructions

ASTM D1475

Wet – 8.3 lbs/ gallon

Solids Content >70% by weight

ASTM D2196

400,000 – 800,000 centipoise

Mold Resistance

ASTM D3273

Rating 9 (90% clear-1-10% covered)

Storage Temp 40° F - 100° F (Do Not Freeze)
Drying Time 24-48 hours
Working Time 1-2 hours
VOC Emissions Test

ASTM D2369

<0.1g/L VOC

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